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When purchasing a home today many buyers are looking for short cuts and inexpensive when it comes to the land survey this usually leads them to a “spot survey”.  A Spot Survey is just a quick snapshot of the property lines.

This is a rough estimate of where the home sits within the boundaries is placed on the survey.  Improvements such as sidewalks, driveways and fences are often times NOT included in this report.  Sometimes this report is the minimum requirement of the lender. Buyers, especially buying in the city limit, tend to assume all of the fencing and the sidewalks were done properly in the beginning, THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE so, I highly recommend a boundary survey

The Boundary Survey  is more expensive it can cost $500 or more.  A Boundary survey will show a true picture of the property, you see every flower bed every piece of driveway, side walk, shed, swimming pool etc.   You know after the completion of this survey if something is wrong.  

Now true you can cut costs and get the cheap survey or no survey at all but this can come back to cost you thousands later if you find an encroachment that was missed the first time around that now needs to be moved or removed.

In addition the Stake survey will force your title company to put exceptions on your Title Policy that leave you with less protection than you thought.  

This can affect you when you go to resell your home five or 10 years later and you will have no recourse but to right these items yourself.   More and more buyers are becoming more Savvy about the home buying processBoundary-Survey-Results-Fence-Location-and-Property-Line1

Some times a seller will provide a previous survey (Surveys are usually acceptable by the title company if they are less than 10 years old and no other improvements have been added to the property)   The danger of this can be that the seller MAY HAVE only purchased a spot survey, which can’t be relied upon for practical uses.

You’re not doing yourself a favor by hiring the cheapest survey company or settling for the survey provided by the seller from their home purchase and saving a couple of hundred dollars today.  

The survey company that is quoting you a much discounted price odds are that they’re not doing a quality job making sure that your property lines are protected I cannot urge you enough to choose this service carefully.

To many Real Estate Agents and Brokers become lackadaisical by only using one survey company who is “Nice” or who gives kick backs or pays for events and prizes, or even worse, leaves the surveyor line blank on the survey work order for the Title company to pick who ever they want.  Take control back!  Do not leave this selection up to a game of Russian Roulette.  This is MUCH too big of an investment to leave in the hands of the wrong person, decide for yourself and do your research, ask your Realtor for the names of 2-3 Land Survey companies and investigate them for your self, you will be glad you did.


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