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#4 Finding a REALTOR®

You can find a lot of information on the internet about buying a home, prices etc.  Today more than ever a REALTOR® is important to manage the process ESPECIALLY for a buyer.  Buyers typically do not pay for the Realtors expertise and the REALTOR® is familiar with contracts, forms, market value and the process.  They have MANY connections in the industry to help you get things done and can help you avoid pit falls and contract nuances and timelines that can cost you thousands.

NO not all Realtors are the same, YES there are still people out there who have no business selling real estate.  Personally I recommend small boutique companies over the “Big Brands”  Why?  Big brands have a heavy focus on recruiting agents, the “More the Merrier”, “Bigger is Better”.  That comes with many hobbiest.  One or two deals a year, lost in the shuffle with 100’s of others who never come to a meeting or training.  Smaller companies in my opinion have more time to individually watch over the agents in the company and provide them the help they need to best service a client.   I know personally of brokers who would prefer to send the license of an agent to anther company then to have their reputation marred by an agent who is unethical and irresponsible.  THAT is who I want representing me, not someone who will recruit every living breathing licensee regardless of character.

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