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Each year, cities across the country and the world host Gay Pride events.

This years Pride St. Louis falls on the heels of the supreme court decisions announced 6/26/205 that Gay Marriage is legal across the land!!!  Cause for MUCH celebration as this Historic decision becomes the “new norm”.

Typically Pride is a weekend long festival, these events are meant to showcase and support our LGBT brethren.  Stand up and say this is who I am, take me as I am.  Forward thinking businesses have been proud sponsors of these events that were once taboo to even mention.  Major brands step to the table with large financial sponsorships proud to affiliate their name as LGBT “Friendly” and to get a piece of the LGBT dollars spent each year.

But what about the little guy?

Recently I made the decision to have my small LGBT owned and operated, not just LGBT Friendly, business to participate in Pridefest.  What I found was staggering!

The costs seems pretty reasonable $500 to have a booth for the event but the add ons add up fast.pride stl

Rent a Tent

Rent Table

Rent Chairs

Parking Pass


And the list goes on and on and on.

We purchased our small booth  and nothing else, it is worth the saved money to hoof in our own tents and table and chairs right?

pride famBut what really is the point of this article?

To trash Pride St. Louis?  No!

Instead it is to have the LGBT community as a whole to be aware there are MANY LGBT owned and operated businesses, small businesses around you who CANNOT afford to take on the big LGBT “Friendly” businesses that are buying your business.

I encourage you as you walk thru pride this weekend to seek out any small business and introduce yourself and support them.  I encourage you to network with each other and refer business to each other because to us, the little guy, it isn’t about making millions, it is about keeping our businesses alive.  It is about supporting LGBT individuals and families directly instead rewarding companies trying to add a tag to their identity to pander to you.

Who are the REAL LGBT businesses out there who are proudly standing up not this weekend but everyday of every week saying this is who we are and we are proud of it.  We understand the unique journeys we face as a community and were are here to work together to build more than tolerance rather to build unity.Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.12.24 PM

We just want you to know our name and to give us a chance to earn your respect and then your business.  We are owned and operated by Partners Carolyn Mantia and Vivian McBride.  1/2 of our team identifies LGBT.  We stand proudly in service to those like us who have faced adversity in the real estate transaction.

Please stop by and see us.  Our promotion this weekend is to give back for sharing our name #claritystreetrealty in hashtags on either facebook or twitter this weekend with photos from pride.  We will have drawings for gift certificates to other LGBT owned and operated businesses, such as $100 to Lilly’s Music and Social House!  Every photo is an entry.


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