Have you been thinking it is time to buy a home? Start paying YOUR mortgage instead of your landlords? If you plan on buying home in 2017, here is an overview of the process

Big isn't always better


So this is the year to buy a home?

Many people do not realize how much easier it is in 2016 to achieve “The American Dream” of home ownership.  There is more breathing room in the once locked down requirements of mortgage recovery.

Lower credit scores are now eligible for home purchase, but there is only one way to know and that is to contact a Mortgage Lender and find out where you stand.  Most of them can also help you formulate a plan if you do NOT qualify to get your credit in order so you can qualify sooner than later.

ALL of the parts below are important.

Please review each of them, we have kept them brief but cannot stress enough that what you think you might know about the process could be different from today’s reality.

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How to buy…

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