real estate career clarity street realty balancingHow Many Hours will I need to work?

You get to decide BUT first decide how much income you want to make from this career. A real estate career is not a good “hobby”. You are guiding the largest deteniendo el tiempofinancial transaction some people may make in their lifetime. It is imperative you work your real estate career as a full time job. BUT WAIT; does that mean you cannot transition from one job to this career or does that mean you cannot do more than one thing at once? Absolutely not, you can succeed while still maintaining a traditional job as long as you are willing to put in LONG hours & burn the midnight oil.

Time management is one of the keys to success in any sales career.  Understanding and implementing Time Blocks , 30/10 rule, creating schedules and managing your work space.  Our team has been VERY successful using the time block method.    In this method we have created tasks that are imperative to the success of your business and allotted them X amount of time for each.  For example

Here is a list of some sample time blocks:

  • Prospecting 1 hour                  5 times per week
  • Administrative 1 hour            2 times per week
  • Open House 3 hours               1 time per week
  • Buyer management 1 hour    1 time per week
  • Buyer showings 2 hours         1 time per week
  • Office duty 4 hours*               1 time per week

For each task we have a specific To-Do list that will take the allotted time.  Agents look at their calendar and where they have free time and drop in these time blocks where they have time available.  With as little as 20 hours per week a disciplined agent can find MUCH success in this career.

So how much time do you need to work in real estate?  If done effectively 20 hours per week is a great start, if you really want to blow out the business 60 hours per week will be more the norm.

The key?  Find a GREAT mentor to guide you and the sky is the limited.

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