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The following are the rules for licensure in the state of Missouri. (Please seek out licensing requirements in your state if you are not in Missouri.)

You must take 48 hours of courses in order to be eligible to test for the Pre-License exam.   If you take the course in a classroom setting this can take as little as two weeks full time. If you take night courses the time can go to 4-6 weeks. Some students choose to do the online study at their own pace. This is a great option to someone who is motivated and an outstanding time manager otherwise it can quickly get out of hand and out of time and in the end take you months to complete.

Wherever possible I recommend the live course, it gives you the ability to hear testing tips from your instructors as well as ask questions for items you do not understand. Typically the instructor will arrive early to class to help those who need more help. You will have 2 classes to complete

This is not the only course requirement.  Although you can officially sit for the test after completing the 48 hour course you must also complete a 24 hour course to complete the education requirement for the state of Missouri.

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