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The next move is up to you.

You now know the costs, the time, the job description and the requirements.  After all this if you think a real estate career is for YOU it ill be time to take a look at some companies and schools.

We would love a chance to meet you and talk to your further about a real estate career so please email if you have any additional questions or would like to set an appointment to sit down and talk about your career goals and any real estate career clarity chess pieceother questions you might have about a career in real estate.  You can also call or text 314-266-8880.

We hope you found this series on a real estate career helpful and look forward to meeting you.

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What is the process?

How many hours will I have to work?

Myths about the real estate business.

What company should I join?

Hidden Company Fees BEWARE!

How much will it cost?

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