In honor or Pride Month we have created a tip sheet for LGBTQ Buyers and Sellers.

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This guide is meant to help you through the process of finding Real Estate Professionals to help you on your path to home ownership. Even with all the milestones the LGBTQ community has crossed there is still a long journey ahead of us. Even today I find I am sensitive to where I hold a hand or share a peck on the cheek. I find after years of discrimination I still look over my shoulder to scour the area and see who maybe watching and may not approve.

Our goal at Clarity Street Realty is to educate and sensitize our team and the other real estate professionals we deal with to the insecurities and fears the LGBTQ community still deals with daily. We expect our team to treat our clients with the utmost respect, compassion and dignity possible. When you’re making what could be the largest purchase in your lifetime, you want to feel as comfortable as possible with your agent.

Not everyone who reads this will be in a market area that Clarity Street Realty serves however so we have created this informational to help you find a real estate professional anywhere. If you need assistance finding an agent in ANY location you can call Clarity Street Realty and we can help find an agent to help. We have a robust syndicate of contacts for you across the globe.

Gay or Gay Friendly, does it matter? Personally I like to deal with individuals who identify LGBTQ as my first choice and “Friendly” as my second choice. The LGBTQ Community is a prime target for those who want to benefit from our buying power. Often the words “Gay Friendly” can be just that, words.

Just because an agent advertises in a gay newspaper or is linked to a gay website doesn’t mean he/she is a competent professional or sensitive to the unique needs of the LGBTQ community. By the same token, just because a real estate agent is gay does not necessarily mean that he or she is familiar with gay & lesbian legal issues affecting real estate. They don’t teach this stuff in Real Estate School!

Competent real estate agents should have a list of banking, legal, home inspection & insurance contacts that are LGBT or have participated in sensitivity coaching.   At Clarity Street Realty we make sure when we are matching up our support professionals to our clients that we are making a match that results in respect, competence & professionalism. You will want to ask a prospective agent if they have such a list especially for their LGBTQ clientele.

A few issues you might encounter;

Insurance Ask the insurance agents if the companies they represent will insure your partner’s contents if you do not plan to add your partner on the deed to the mortgage. If the answer is no, then your partner will be required to purchase a renter’s policy to cover his or her personal items. This means two deductibles in the event of a loss that affects both of you…one for you and one for your partner.

Mortgages-Gay and Lesbian couples are in a unique situation when it comes to mortgages and home purchases. The problem occurs if the relationship breaks up or one of the partners dies.

Deeding and TitleThere are several ways to take title.

  • Tenants by the entirety is for married couples & transfers the property to the surviving spouse. Both must sign to sell.
  • Tenants in common – Each owner owns a percentage of the property they can sell their share without the other tenant or leave it to someone else upon their death.
  • Joint Tenants with rights of survivorship – Owners own equally, upon the death the title transfers to the survivor, owners need not be married. One tenant can sell without the other creating tenancy in common.

Should you have any questions or be looking for a referral LGBTQ Agent in your area feel free to contact us at Clarity Street Realty.   314-963-7300

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