A home buyers looks at 10 or more homes typically in the home search processes.  By the end all of the homes can mesh together and it is easy to forget which is which.  You want your home to be one they remember  Often buyers and agents will come up with “nick names” for the homes the viewed; The blue house (Earning its name because it was blue), The vacation house (Named because it appeared the neighbor had a beat up RV in his yard resembling that of the uncouth brother in law Eddie from Christmas Vacation), The ferret house (They smell really bad).

Buyers are VISUAL and a poorly staged, poorly photographed home can cost you thousands! Adding a unique twist can help your home be the stand out they remember in a POSITIVE way.

Smart savvy sellers with smart agents are insisting the homes be staged or restyled to get the biggest bang possible.  You might also consider adding some unique touches to make your home stand out and memorable.

Today lets just talk about yards and patios.  Sure You can go online or to your local lawn and garden store and find 1000’s of things to buy to set a unique tone to your yard, but what if you could make some things in expensively that would surely be memorable and unique?  Here are a few of our favorites.

Rope light Landscaping.

rope light landscaping clarity street .jpg

Wine bottle Tiki Lights

wine bottle tiki lights.jpg

Glow in the dark flower pots

glow in the dark pots clarity street.jpg

Wine Glass Candles

wine glass candle clarity street .jpg


Maybe some games for the yard?

Patio Checkers

64 paving stones (square 32 of each color) 12×12 $1.00 each or less

Checks can be Frisbees or you cn buy checkers

Outline in brick if you like

patio checkers clarity street.jpg

How about a little Tree Trunk Tic-Tac-Toe?

All you need is 10 small flat rocks and some paint for this one.