The new year is upon us and you are already making your to do list.   One of those things might be to sell your home and move to one larger, smaller or maybe even in a new city or town.

Selling a home requires more preparation than just figuring out when.  Today’s successful home sales often begin months in advance preparing the home to put on its best face.

Things to consider

  • De-Clutter
    • Clean out the basement, garage and closets, even the kitchen cabinets will need to be tidy and organized to attract more buyers.
  • Paint
    • A fresh coat of neutral paint goes a LOOOONG way.  From the front door to the basement.  I know you might like those dark rich colors but for a home sale neutral is the way to go.  If you have wall paper remove it now, too many time wall paper is a deal breaker or can cost you thousands in the offers you receive.
  • Clean
    • As it gets closer the house needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom.  There is dirt in your home right now that you probably are over looking, before your home sale is the time to give your home the best cleaning it has ever had.  Wipe down all cabinets, light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Make repairs
    • A home with lots of repairs even if they are little ones is not showing its best.  Buyers will look at how you maintained the home and expect that is how you have also maintained the things they can’t see.  Better to have everything in order.  I suggest you secure a local occupancy inspection in advance, any items they will call out fix them right a way.

If you have any doubt on what to do have your REALTOR® walk thru the home with you, they can point out what items to paint, remove, repair and purge to help get you started.  They can also explain their marketing plan for the successful sale of your home which will include timelines and check lists.

Looking to sell?  Call your Clarity Street Realty Agent for help!  Start early so your home is ready when the time is right to get it on the market.  Your REALTOR® is your partner in the home sale, be sure to take advantage of the expertise they can give you BEFORE you make any updates or repairs.

Call for a confidential, no obligation analysis, 314-963-7300.  Don’t live in Missouri?  Thats ok Clarity Street Realty has a list of top notch agents across the country to give you the same level of service we provide our clients.