So you are thinking about selling your home or just want an idea of what your home is worth. Where do you go for accurate estimates?  The internet and technology seemingly make this process easier, or do they?

Today you can go to property valuation sites, enter your address and contact info and instantly get a valuation. BUT how accurate is it?

These sites are created to farm your information and then sell it to a real estate professional.  Real estate professionals know that Zillow / Trulia and others are notoriously wrong but pay companies like Zillow and Trulia because that is where consumers are flocking to in this market.clarity-street-sells-houses

I have seen valuations as much as $100,000 off the mark of the real value.

Like appraisers, real estate professionals sift through actual market data to establish value.  Let me make something clear NOT ALL REAL ESTATE AGENTS ARE ALIKE.  Seek out a REALTOR® who understands absorption rates, supply and demand, and depreciation.  Location, Location, Location, is no longer the only factor.

So what is your home worth?

Your home is worth what a buyer will pay.  A real estate professional who truly understands the process will look at your home with a buyer’s eyes, compare historical prices of similar properties and factor in inventory levels to establish timelines and pricing.  When you are really ready to consider selling reach out to a professional you can trust for an accurate analysis.

I leave you with a few parting words of caution:

  • DON’T LIST WITH SOMEONE BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CHEAPEST. Hire a professional who is worth paying for.
  • DON’T LIST WITH SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE FAMILY OR A FRIEND. They should earn your business like every other professional you hire.
  • LIST WITH THE PERSON WHO HAS THE SUPPORT, SKILL & INTEGRITY TO TELL YOU THE “REAL FACTS” AND THE “REAL VALUE” OF YOUR PROPERTY. A property correctly priced will sell faster and with potentially more offers.

Try our home valuation tool here which will include a FREE detailed analysis by a professional in pricing property to ensure the value you received is right.  CLICK HERE


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